3 Introductory Videos on the Pressbooks System

Welcome to the next section in your Pressbooks education. I’ve created some introductory video materials for you to explore your Pressbooks. If you have questions, remember just like Pressbooks is a living and active resource so I hope you take advantage of opportunities to ask questions and learn more.

Pressbooks Introduction

This video introduces you to our Pressbooks site.

Organizing Your Pressbook Parts

This video will walk you through setting up your Pressbook parts i.e. your Front Matter, Chapters, and Back Matter.

Navigating Book Info

This video will give you an introduction to the Book Info section on Pressbooks and some things you will want to add or change in your new Pressbook.

Pressbooks Remainder of Settings

This video will go through the remaining important settings in your Pressbook.

Exploring Plymouth State University’s Pressbooks Catalog

This video gives a brief overview of some ideas of how to build a Pressbook and what other faculty at Plymouth State University have built.


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