1 Resources for the New Pressbooks User

The Beginner User: Tools to Learn  

I have found the Pressbooks User Guide essential to my understanding of the ins and outs of the technology side of Pressbooks and for learning how to use the tool well. The Pressbooks User Guide notably has a wonderful brief section on Making Your Book Accessible and Inclusive. The Pressbooks User Guide is full of the basic knowledge you need to be able to start using Pressbooks. I encourage all those new to the system to take the time and go through the guide.

Pressbooks User Guide

A great guide on Low Bandwidth Teaching and Learning – for optimizing technology files.

OER in the Classroom

Thinking more about how to create and integrate materials for the class and beyond, the Rebus Community I’ve found to have some of the best materials to read through. Rebus Community is an initiative of the Rebus Foundation, a Canadian registered charity and they support a model of publishing that is collaborative, efficient, and open. [1] Rebus Community has powerful resources on Making Open Textbooks with Students and A Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks.

Example Texts to Explore

These are a few resources I’ve found after researching many Pressbooks sites and materials that I like to share as aspirational Pressbooks that university members could look to in terms of different ways to build and develop their Pressbooks. I see these again as aspirational and valuable resources to help you consider how you might use Pressbooks.

The Word on College Reading and Writing​

This is an introductory collegiate material. 

This is a subject Material written by an expert.

This is a collaboration between students and faculty.

Pressbooks Directory

In the winter of 2020 – Pressbooks also launched a new resource that is extremely valuable for searching Pressbooks materials. The URL is simply: pressbooks.directory . We here at Plymouth launched our cataloged materials in 2021 onto Pressbooks Directory. You can also read more about Using the Pressbooks Directory.

Pressbooks also wrote an interesting blog post about their launch of the directory.

Plymouth State University

Our Plymouth State University Catalog

Our Catalog is a public place, where you can find materials that our community members have published. It’s a good place to start idea gathering and to find our other Plymouth State University community members who have used Pressbooks. You could inquire and ask about questions to them or some of the other experts we have in the Pressbooks world on our campus.

Course Textbook 

Creating Games by Cathie LeBlanc

I wanted to create a textbook to support my face-to-face class while his material is intended to be an entire online course. That said, I will make the materials that I use in my course freely available as I develop it.[2]

Classroom Resource 

Creative Writing, Creative Process by Matt Cheney

This is a collection of writing exercises, mostly (but not solely) aimed at high school and college classroom work.[3]

Lecture Notes

Copyright for Content Creators by Christin Wixson

Digital Bookshelf 

Digital Bookshelf Plymouth State University Nursing

This virtual bookshelf is designed for nursing students to have OER which replace textbooks and reference material to promote evidence based nursing practice with up to date open access material [4]

This collection of digital resources replace some reference materials and course textbooks in the PSU nursing program.

Classroom Assignment and Collaborative Book 

Opening Contemporary Art by Sarah Parrish


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